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About us

The company

Our history

Our company is the result of an adventure, always driven by passion. One adventure that started out as an almost crazy father/daughter project, to discover a promising, new world. First came Miami and Florida, later California.

Every beginning is hard, and ours was no different. Many sleepless hours, many learning moments, many years later, we are happy to look back on a joyful and successful ride.

Throughout the years, a web of personal contacts, of friendships and business relationships has been built, based on the principles of great service, offering the right product, at the right price, while staying true to a business philosophy of honesty and truthfulness. The rights and wrongs of the past have brought us to where we stand today.

Our people have always remained devoted to high values and great service, in order to keep growing as a unique business partner for the tile industry throughout the USA.

It is so that European Porcelain & Ceramics has grown to be a reference in the tile industry, especially when it comes to European quality tile that our customers won´t find at any other importer and distributor in all our areas of activity.

Our goals

At European Porcelain & Ceramics, our goals are clear.
We want to remain a reliable partner for the tile industry, always offering a smile and a solution.

When customers become friends, that´s where we feel we have succeeded.

This implies several things: extreme care of customer service, careful choice of unique products, exhaustive quality control, a positive attitude to always assist our customers and provide for solutions, thinking outside the box… and a smile.

At European Porcelain & Ceramics we care for our customers, and it is our main goal to keep growing as a tile family of customers and friends.

Our locations


190 W Crowther Ave

Unit D


CA 92870

Phone: (714) 829 1830

Fax: (714) 829 1831

Our team


Jennifer Mayorquin Office Manager
Ike Wence Sales Representative
“I am here to ensure that you have great service and tile experience!”
Freddy Inzunza Sales Representative / Sample Department

Work with us

At European Porcelain and Ceramics, we are always looking for special talent. Please feel free to send us your resume and contact information for future opening. We are committed to confidential handling of personal data.

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